Copywriting & Content Writing

What you need: Someone to craft messaging for your ad campaign, website, blog, or other marketing and communication materials.

What I do: I write original copy that matches your organization’s voice, embodies its values, and drives toward your designated goal — all while meeting your target audience where they are and providing value, whether through clever wordplay, catchy taglines, or informative content.

This can mean …

  • Composing content for your granola’s new themed ad campaign that ties to your newly re-branded packaging and highlights the granola’s all-natural ingredients.
  • Ghostwriting a public-facing letter from your organization’s CEO, outlining the details of (and logic behind) a new fundraising effort.
  • Writing copy and collaborating with designers on an original, interactive infographic based on your company’s original research that was just released.

Work Samples

Email Campaigns

I wrote, updated, and refined the copy in these emails for Pear Deck:

Pear Fair promotions

Pear Mail newsletter: Free Mental Health Guide for K-12 Educators & Administrators

Administrator update: It’s Peartember! 🍐🎉

Event invitation: You’re Invited: Expert Discussion on the American Rescue Plan

Report to Donors

I wrote this report which outlines the findings of a five-year program that aimed to address chronic homelessness by providing housing and wraparound services (physical and mental health care, job training, etc.) for people experiencing homelessness. The Denver Foundation sent this report to its donors.

Case Study

I wrote this case study, which highlights the Pear Deck add-on to Google Slides and how it helped a school district attain a more interactive learning experience.


I wrote this recap of a virtual panel discussion cohosted by Pear Deck and GoGuardian. The content is directed toward school administrators looking to understand funding available to their district’s from the American Rescue Plan passed in the wake of COVID-19.

More blogs:

Map Infographic

I came up with the design and content concept for this spread describing student life on a private college campus. The creative team executed the team; I wrote the content.

Weekly Email Updates

I wrote the copy for these end-of-year emails sent to teachers who use the Pear Deck teaching tool. The emails provide insight into student engagement via the Pear Deck tool. The copy is intentionally light-hearted and encouraging to educators.

Daily Festival Recap Emails

I wrote a series of emails like this for the 44th annual Denver Film Festival. Each email provided a recap of the previous day’s events and highlighted events and screenings of the current day.

Creative Mailer

I developed the creative concept for this piece and worked with a designer to make it happen. The final piece mails like a postcard and is lightly perforated to encourage recipients to build their own bell tower, a signature landmark on Taylor University’s campus.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 8.47.36 AM

Excellence Brochure

I wrote the copy for this brochure, highlighting special programs and student/alumni accomplishments for a liberal arts university. The piece was part of a package sent to recently accepted prospective students.

Branded Service Content

I wrote this article for a university publication targeted to prospective students. It highlights takeaways from an international documentary film class and directs readers to check out the in-depth story I wrote about the documentary class trip to Rwanda and Uganda.

Quick Hits

I wrote and edited the blurb content in these pieces for a promotional university publication targeted to prospective students. The pieces highlight unique alumni and student achievements, providing specific examples of success and demonstrating the value of the university’s educational offerings.

Brochures from Scratch

I developed each of these pieces—from concept to completion—for Taylor University’s student visitor program, collaborating with designers for the final look and feel.

Globe Trotters PDF

Humanities, Arts and Biblical Studies PDF

Natural and Applied Sciences PDF

Financial Aid Brochure PDF