What you need: Someone to take your writing to the next level.

What I do: I help writers and brands tell compelling stories and avoid embarrassing grammatical errors with my developmental and copyediting services.

To break it down:

Developmental editing provides an outside perspective to help you wrap your mind around the story you’re trying to tell and identify the best way to tell it. You’ll get feedback on everything from big-picture structure and narrative logic (this applies to fiction and nonfiction alike), all the way down to word usage and sentence flow.

Copyediting delivers corrections for consistent spelling, editorial style, grammar, punctuation, and word usage, as well as logic and flow of thought, so that your written work makes sense to the typical reader.

Editorial styles: AP and Chicago Style.


“Meredith is one of the most thoughtful, thorough copy editors I have worked with here at SmartBug. Not only is she addressing grammatical changes, but she will also question the underlying meaning of a sentence or a word. Her turnaround is fast, and her brain is on.” ~Kate Uhry, Marketing Consultant at SmartBug

“Meredith is a fantastic editor and proofreader with a great eye for detail! She works quickly and has a great ability to get to the heart of a message (whether email, blog, or social post) in an efficient, clear way. Her edits are always on point and I really appreciate having her as the last line of defense against typos before I hit send on that email going to 53,000 people!” ~Kirsten Agnello-Dean, Social Media Manager & Inbound Marketing Content Creator at Artisan Talent

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Work Samples

Mental Health Guide for Educators

I brainstormed content ideas and provided editorial feedback to all of the pieces in this guide for educators from GoGuardian and Pear Deck. The guide covers ways schools can support their students and educators who have mental health needs that have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Editorial services: Developmental editing and copyediting.

The Loop Magazine

I led the content development for this promotional magazine from Taylor University. Targeted toward high school students, the magazine served as a recruitment and marketing tool for Taylor’s Admissions office. Stories highlight academic programs and people, residence life, and Taylor’s unique spiritual atmosphere, while also affirming Taylor’s brand values.

Editorial services: Developmental editing and copyediting.

Taylor Magazine

In addition to contributing stories to Taylor University’s alumni magazine, I also served as its copyeditor and proofreader, reviewing articles as they came across the editor-in-chief’s desk and proofing the designed magazine (including the alumni notes).