Meredith is a versatile writer and deft reporter who can cover a range of topics and produce clean copy at a moment’s notice. She is hard working and a gifted storyteller—a top-notch freelancer in Denver’s competitive media market.”
~Jay Bouchard, Associate Digital Editor for 5280 Magazine

“I can always count on Meredith to report the facts and provide high-quality information for our readers. She’s an enthusiastic worker, easy to communicate with, timely in responding to emails, and takes feedback well.
~Megan Grant, Content Manager for The WOD Life

“We needed an editor who could not only become a mini-expert on our individual clients, but also learn about the industries we serve and offer meaningful edits and suggestions that are industry-specific and industry-aware. Meredith has been a quick learner, a thoughtful reader and editor, a clear communicator, and a great partner in helping hone and educate our writers to be more successful in their work. When we send Meredith an article to edit, we sigh a breath of relief knowing it’s in the hands of someone who wants to see the content in its best form.”
~Garrett Oden

“Meredith is a fantastic editor and proofreader with a great eye for detail! She works quickly and has a great ability to get to the heart of a message (whether email, blog, or social post) in an efficient, clear way. Her edits are always on point and I really appreciate having her as the last line of defense against typos before I hit send on that email going to 53,000 people!”
~Kirsten Agnello-Dean, Social Media Manager & Inbound Marketing Content Creator at Artisan Talent

“Meredith’s ability to grasp extremely complex subjects and translate them into engaging articles allowed us to grow our inbound content library and try new content strategies. She was extremely diligent with meeting deadlines, conducting interviews of key stakeholders, and truly immersing herself in the world of surgical technology and sterile processing. She continually delivered on well-researched articles, was flexible when last-minute projects arose and was an imperative part of our company’s article and inbound content growth. I look forward to working with Meredith again and highly recommend her talents and creativity.”
~Grace Luttrell Pettit, Director of Marketing at Censis Technologies

“Meredith is one of the most thoughtful, thorough copy editors I have worked with. Not only is she addressing grammatical changes, but she will also question the underlying meaning of a sentence or a word. Her turnaround is fast, and her brain is on.
~Kate Uhry, Marketing Consultant at SmartBug

“Meredith Sell … is invaluable as someone offering quality control for outgoing messaging. She is very confident in her abilities and will not settle for mediocrity in any aspect of her work. Though Meredith excels at various forms of writing, her passion is clearly for story. I’ve seen her write SEO content for web, short pithy phrases for postcards, and informational brochures. Her work in these areas can compete with anyone in the field. However, her stories are engaging at a level rarely seen. Finally, Meredith’s greatest qualities stem from her character and demeanor. She is a most pleasant person to be around and refreshingly honest. I would consider her an asset to any team or organization.”
~Benjamin Wehling, Marketing Director for Taylor University

“Meredith Sell is a smart, organized, creative, and talented writer and editor whose qualities in those areas are enhanced by her ability to meet and quite often beat deadlines. Meredith’s growth as a writer is something I was able to witness and admire firsthand. As a team member in our marketing office, Meredith’s creativity and thoughtfulness was displayed repeatedly as she helped conceptualize solutions to opportunities and/or problems we faced. Meredith is also an excellent proofreader, who as a rule finds errors in copy and/or style and offers great suggestions as to how to resolve them. Beyond those qualities, Meredith is well organized and able to prioritize and execute a number of different creative and challenging projects within tight time frames. Additionally, Meredith’s personality is a great asset to her professionalism. … Meredith is not only a great worker, writer, and team member, she is also a valued colleague and friend, and I heartily endorse Meredith Sell.”
~Jim Garringer, Director of Media Relations for Taylor University