Listen to this: An hour with George Saunders on the Longform Podcast

Being single and living by myself gives me a lot of time to read — or, in this case, listen — and learn from people who’ve lived more life than I have. Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a steady diet of This American Life and the Longform Podcast, while cooking myself dinner and preparing to settle down for the night.

Last night, I listened to this episode of the Longform Podcast, in which they interviewed George Saunders, a writer primarily of fiction with some travel writing under his belt.

This episode was different from the others in the wealth of wisdom toward life that Saunders shared. Numerous times throughout the episode, I found myself hmm-ing in thought.

Two ideas that made me pause:

On our deathbeds, none of us will regret being too kind.


“You have to recognize you’re not the center of the universe.” ~ George Saunders

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