Listen to this: An hour with George Saunders on the Longform Podcast

Being single and living by myself gives me a lot of time to read — or, in this case, listen — and learn from people who’ve lived more life than I have. Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a steady diet of This American Life and the Longform Podcast, while cooking myself dinner andContinue reading “Listen to this: An hour with George Saunders on the Longform Podcast”

NYC Week Twelve: A conglomeration of thoughts

Read last week’s post here or view all other New York City posts. Time is currency. And this week, mine was spent — in research and at work. With it went my energy, so rather than sitting at my desk for three-plus hours, badgering myself to write something worth reading, I present the following: a conglomeration of thoughts,Continue reading “NYC Week Twelve: A conglomeration of thoughts”