Good Reads: My favorites from this week’s longform/narrative nonfiction

I read a lot of articles every week, and I try to focus my reading on the pieces I want to write, meaning longform or narrative nonfiction. This is a genre that’s published all over the place: in marketing materials (typically company magazines), consumer and trade publications, newspapers, web site — even BuzzFeed publishes longform.

I share a lot of what I read (the pieces I especially like) on Twitter (@Meredith_Sell), but not everyone’s as obsessed with that social media outlet, so I’m introducing a new series of weekly posts: Good Reads.

These posts will share my favorite longform pieces from the past week, all from a variety of sources and authors. If you know of any publications I should keep tabs on, please let me know by commenting.

This week’s picks:

Tangled Web by Kasey Cordell, 5280: The Denver Magazine

An in-depth piece on medical marijuana and a specific strain used for epileptic patients in Colorado. Well-researched and informative — made clear some parts of the discussion I wasn’t aware of. Regardless of your ideas about medical marijuana, I recommend reading this.

Digging Up Dirt in NYC by Garret McGrath,

An interesting shorter feature about an archaeological firm in New York City. Last line: “The big discoveries in the city are always stumbled upon.”

On the Brink in Brownsville by Mosi Secret, New York Times Magazine

A peek into growing up in one of Brooklyn’s roughest, poorest neighborhoods. Shows the ruling power of materialism in the lives of kids who don’t have money and, when they get bored, look for fights.

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