Good Reads: Life and the giants we face

This post is part of a series recommending longform, narrative nonfiction (as well as other worthwhile writings). No two people live identical lives. No two people face all of the same hardships and challenges. Every life has its own giants. Each story recommended below is about an individual (or individuals) who face or avoid their giants in uniqueContinue reading “Good Reads: Life and the giants we face”

The Power of Narrative: A recap

Two weeks ago, I attended The Power of Narrative at Boston University, a conference focused on narrative nonfiction. The night before, I noted the sessions I wanted to attend and wrote out objectives. Following are my objectives and the related things I learned while I was there. 1. Make connections I didn’t talk to that manyContinue reading “The Power of Narrative: A recap”

Good Reads: The underdog, the addict, and the rescuer

This is the second in a new series of weekly posts recommending well-written narrative nonfiction/longform articles. This week’s picks: Ra’Shede’s Road by John Rosengren, SB Nation Ra’Shede Hageman, senior defensive tackle at the University of Minnesota, has the potential to secure a bright future. But he also has a past and a temper to overcome.Continue reading “Good Reads: The underdog, the addict, and the rescuer”

Good Reads: My favorites from this week’s longform/narrative nonfiction

I read a lot of articles every week, and I try to focus my reading on the pieces I want to write, meaning longform or narrative nonfiction. This is a genre that’s published all over the place: in marketing materials (typically company magazines), consumer and trade publications, newspapers, web site — even BuzzFeed publishes longform.Continue reading “Good Reads: My favorites from this week’s longform/narrative nonfiction”