Book Review: A Woman’s Place by Katelyn Beaty

If you’re a working Christian woman, you’ve probably felt the tension. I know I have. There’s a sense in many Christian circles that for women, work is just a temporary thing you do until you get married and start having babies.

Uncovering our shame: Vulnerability with the Creator, living in a world that snarls

Ever since the Fall, humanity has desired to be fully known and fully loved — but has been afraid to be fully vulnerable. This reality is perhaps most obvious in hookup culture, where individuals have ten-minute conversations before going to bed with each other, withholding any genuine intellectual or emotional vulnerability so that total physical vulnerability will have “no strings attached.”

Admitting the truth, practicing humility

Humility is less painful than pride. Despite its initial discomfort. Why? Because humility makes room for others, as well as yourself, to grow. Pride claims you’ve grown the tallest and no one will ever reach your greatness. Being a giant in a world of dwarves is lonely — especially when you think you’re a giant, but you’re actually just as small as everyone else.

Jesus > Religion, or I no longer need to write a book about the church

A friend has been on my case to write a book about the church, since I apparently have a lot to say on the topic. Makes sense, considering my upbringing as a pastor’s kid, my view of church as the people not the building, and my overall frustration at the people for being immobile andContinue reading “Jesus > Religion, or I no longer need to write a book about the church”

Good Reads: Bionic achievements, hitchhiking moms, and rapping Christians

This is part of a semi-weekly series recommending interesting and well-written longform/narrative nonfiction articles. This week’s picks: The Dream Kickoff by Danielle Elliot, Grantland Paralyzed. Not forever but long enough for walking to seem an eternal impossibility. Enter Miguel Nicolelis, a Brazilian neuroscientist with a passion to bring the paralyzed to their feet using an exoskeleton controlledContinue reading “Good Reads: Bionic achievements, hitchhiking moms, and rapping Christians”