Editorial needs? I’ve got you covered.

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I’m a Denver-based writer and editor with over a decade of experience interviewing, writing, and editing for publication. I pride myself on making difficult subject matter accessible and interesting to the general audience, and on using words to breathe life into untold stories. I also provide developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading services.

Contact me: meredithleighsell@gmail.com | Follow me on Twitter: @Meredith_Sell

What do I write? Magazine features, interviews, profiles, and blog posts are just the beginning. I have a background in marketing copywriting — think: emails, brochures, mailers, and web content. Read my work.

What do I write about? Everything except politics, celebrities, and fashion. I love digging into health and science, little-known pieces of history, artwork (and the people behind it), outdoor adventure, and sports. Extra points for stories of human resilience.

What do I edit? I edit a variety of nonfiction work—magazine features, profiles, marketing materials, e-books, and blog posts—and am seeking more creative editing projects. If you’re a writer or publisher looking for editorial assistance on book-length work, reach out and we can talk rates. Check out my editing services to learn more. 

Read my work. Check out my editing services. Collaborate with me.