Good Reads: The underdog, the addict, and the rescuer

This is the second in a new series of weekly posts recommending well-written narrative nonfiction/longform articles. This week’s picks: Ra’Shede’s Road by John Rosengren, SB Nation Ra’Shede Hageman, senior defensive tackle at the University of Minnesota, has the potential to secure a bright future. But he also has a past and a temper to overcome.Continue reading “Good Reads: The underdog, the addict, and the rescuer”

Quiet Confidence: Molly Drooger puts her best foot forward

I haven’t posted since the summer for a number of reasons. First, I’m back at school, which means my time for recreational writing is limited. Second, I never want to post something that wastes your time. Third, I’m interning with Taylor University‘s marketing department, so my writing muscles are focused on specific projects. Over the course ofContinue reading “Quiet Confidence: Molly Drooger puts her best foot forward”

When I made Art Spander a sandwich

One of the benefits of my summer job (working at Danny’s Main Street Market in Cooperstown, New York) are the random fascinating people who come buy sandwiches. There are conductors who work with the Glimmerglass Opera, construction workers and delivery men, Baseball Hall of Fame employees and interns, and today, Art Spander, an award-winning sports writerContinue reading “When I made Art Spander a sandwich”