The burden of knowledge

I remember reading The Diary of Anne Frank in school. I remember reading Corrie Ten Boom’s The Hiding Place and fictional stories set during the Holocaust like Number the Stars. I remember reading those things with the not-quite-fully-realized idea that the Holocaust was a real thing that happened to real people. I distinctly remember Number the Stars and the JewishContinue reading “The burden of knowledge”

NYC Week Twelve: A conglomeration of thoughts

Read last week’s post here or view all other New York City posts. Time is currency. And this week, mine was spent — in research and at work. With it went my energy, so rather than sitting at my desk for three-plus hours, badgering myself to write something worth reading, I present the following: a conglomeration of thoughts,Continue reading “NYC Week Twelve: A conglomeration of thoughts”

NYC Week Five: Faith Baptist

Read last week’s post here or view all other New York City posts. I never wanted to be where I am today. If it’d been left to me, I would have finished school in January, driven fifteen-plus hours to Colorado, moved into my own apartment in Denver, and immediately started writing for my favorite regional magazine. IContinue reading “NYC Week Five: Faith Baptist”