a poem for a world of wrongs

the world needs more pretty words less ugly deaths more dandelion wreaths and butterfly kisses less flying vitriol and bullets more hearts beating in unison as we look across seas of faces and realize our differences are nothing in comparison to our sameness.

NYC Week Fourteen: 10 things I miss about home and school (aka rural America)

Read last week’s post here or view all other New York City posts. I’d just settled on the bench, purse and my bag of leftover food from work on my lap, one per leg. Done with work, time to wait for the F train and go home. “Meredith?” I looked up to see a familiar face, soft round featuresContinue reading “NYC Week Fourteen: 10 things I miss about home and school (aka rural America)”

Brief sparks of fireworks.

All we do is make fireworks. Here, like us, for a moment. Gone after a few flutters of lashes. Our hearts may be in it all effort thrown forth. But our hearts, our efforts are weak, short-lasting. The burst of light, thunder-like boom, a moment of wonder, beauty that fizzles out, darkens, drops. Such great work, resultingContinue reading “Brief sparks of fireworks.”