NYC Week Thirteen: The fight to stay fit

Read last week’s post here or view all other New York City posts. It’s a battle I’ve been losing. Sure, I ran 1.4 miles today in 10:38. Sure, I followed it up with sprints and crunches and pushups. Sure, I got my heart rate up and didn’t feel awful. But I am not where I was three monthsContinue reading “NYC Week Thirteen: The fight to stay fit”

Four months in New York City: Week One: Once upon a time

The first time I went to New York City, I moved there for four months. In the distant future, I’ll say this to nieces, nephews, aspiring writers, and possibly children of my own. They’ll be in the middle of making big decisions, trying to decide whether to play it safe or step out of everythingContinue reading “Four months in New York City: Week One: Once upon a time”

Brief sparks of fireworks.

All we do is make fireworks. Here, like us, for a moment. Gone after a few flutters of lashes. Our hearts may be in it all effort thrown forth. But our hearts, our efforts are weak, short-lasting. The burst of light, thunder-like boom, a moment of wonder, beauty that fizzles out, darkens, drops. Such great work, resultingContinue reading “Brief sparks of fireworks.”