Five ways journaling has improved my life

When I’m writing, I’m actively engaged with life. When I’m not writing, I’m just going through the motions. Since the 29-day writing challenge I did in February (successfully writing from every daily prompt), I’ve felt more myself more at peace with life more excited about life, and more interested in the world around me. ThoseContinue reading “Five ways journaling has improved my life”

Admitting the truth, practicing humility

Humility is less painful than pride. Despite its initial discomfort. Why? Because humility makes room for others, as well as yourself, to grow. Pride claims you’ve grown the tallest and no one will ever reach your greatness. Being a giant in a world of dwarves is lonely — especially when you think you’re a giant, but you’re actually just as small as everyone else.

Sitting in the dark, eating ice cream by myself

Ice cream is no fun by yourself. That’s what I thought last night as I sat with my little bowl of orange sherbet carved from the brick of Turkey Hill I bought last week for $4.99. I was sitting alone on the first floor of the house I live in, where all the lights areContinue reading “Sitting in the dark, eating ice cream by myself”