Take the first step: A look back on 2017 and my crazy list of goals

I know it’s early to be talking about the end of the year—we have eleven more days! But with travel plans and being home with my family for the first time since last Christmas, my status on these goals will be overwhelmingly the same when New Year’s rolls around (except I might read another book). WhenContinue reading “Take the first step: A look back on 2017 and my crazy list of goals”

Run hard after Him.

Uncovering lies, leaving untrustworthy excuses, and chasing God’s calling. I was on the mat, 40 pushups behind me and gearing up for the next part of my workout, when I saw an athlete bite it on the treadmill. He, along with three other incoming freshmen, was trying out for the men’s soccer team. The assistantContinue reading “Run hard after Him.”

Five ways journaling has improved my life

When I’m writing, I’m actively engaged with life. When I’m not writing, I’m just going through the motions. Since the 29-day writing challenge I did in February (successfully writing from every daily prompt), I’ve felt more myself more at peace with life more excited about life, and more interested in the world around me. ThoseContinue reading “Five ways journaling has improved my life”

Good Reads: The uncomfortable realities of refugees, freak accidents, and senseless deaths

It’s easy to think that bad things befall bad people, until you look at reality. These stories are not fun reads. They’re challenging. They’re discomforting. They’re real. They’re important.

Write a letter for posterity

Letters keep a record. Not just of dates and events, but also of thoughts and ideas. Most Facebook and Instagram posts contain the makings of a boring letter.

Uncovering our shame: Vulnerability with the Creator, living in a world that snarls

Ever since the Fall, humanity has desired to be fully known and fully loved — but has been afraid to be fully vulnerable. This reality is perhaps most obvious in hookup culture, where individuals have ten-minute conversations before going to bed with each other, withholding any genuine intellectual or emotional vulnerability so that total physical vulnerability will have “no strings attached.”

Thought-provoking quotes from unexpected places

It makes sense to expect great quotes from classic literature, but I get more excited when I find them elsewhere: in movies that may never make the honor roll, books that have been sorely overlooked, and friends’ and strangers’ blogs. Here are some favorites for you to ponder: So, Charlie, are we going back orContinue reading “Thought-provoking quotes from unexpected places”

A message to college graduates on the meaning of life

As a junior and senior in high school, I contemplated the meaning of life from the McDonald’s drive-thru. Customers squawked in my headset ordering varieties of nuggets and dipping sauces, barged into the restaurant calling me an idiot when they got the wrong number of cheeseburgers, and acted like they didn’t know me when theyContinue reading “A message to college graduates on the meaning of life”

Good Reads: History and now

This post is part of a series recommending narrative, longform journalism articles — the type of writing I’m nothing short of obsessed with. Sometimes, you started reading an article and you don’t want beauty or fluff or even vivid imagery. Sometimes, you just want to learn something new, something that maybe won’t impact you on theContinue reading “Good Reads: History and now”