Admitting the truth, practicing humility

Humility is less painful than pride. Despite its initial discomfort. Why? Because humility makes room for others, as well as yourself, to grow. Pride claims you’ve grown the tallest and no one will ever reach your greatness. Being a giant in a world of dwarves is lonely — especially when you think you’re a giant, but you’re actually just as small as everyone else.

Quiet Confidence: Molly Drooger puts her best foot forward

I haven’t posted since the summer for a number of reasons. First, I’m back at school, which means my time for recreational writing is limited. Second, I never want to post something that wastes your time. Third, I’m interning with Taylor University‘s marketing department, so my writing muscles are focused on specific projects. Over the course ofContinue reading “Quiet Confidence: Molly Drooger puts her best foot forward”