Run hard after Him.

Uncovering lies, leaving untrustworthy excuses, and chasing God’s calling. I was on the mat, 40 pushups behind me and gearing up for the next part of my workout, when I saw an athlete bite it on the treadmill. He, along with three other incoming freshmen, was trying out for the men’s soccer team. The assistantContinue reading “Run hard after Him.”

What is art anyway?

I have a fear. A gripping fear that I think about late at night when I realize another day has gone by and the only words I’ve pieced together were about someone else’s work. When I curl up in bed, ready to fall asleep so tomorrow will come, but not ready because it means todayContinue reading “What is art anyway?”

Four months in New York City: Week One: Once upon a time

The first time I went to New York City, I moved there for four months. In the distant future, I’ll say this to nieces, nephews, aspiring writers, and possibly children of my own. They’ll be in the middle of making big decisions, trying to decide whether to play it safe or step out of everythingContinue reading “Four months in New York City: Week One: Once upon a time”