I Just Launched My First Substack: Women’s Barbell Club

There’s a gap in fitness media. Women’s publications continue to publish articles on how to “blast belly fat” and “get a bigger butt,” while female strength athletes break personal records post-pregnancy and trample outdated ideas about women’s fragility by deadlifting, squatting, and snatching hundreds of pounds. If you look for articles about these athletes, you’reContinue reading “I Just Launched My First Substack: Women’s Barbell Club”

29-day writing challenge: an exercise in beginnings

Last week, I participated in a short story challenge where participants received a three-part prompt (genre, basic character, object) and had to write a story of 2,500 words or less over the course of eight days. This week on the spur of the moment (a cliche which is actually really clever when you think aboutContinue reading “29-day writing challenge: an exercise in beginnings”