NYC Week Four: Seeing the homeless

Read last week’s post here or view all other New York City posts. I wanted to give him my peanut butter sandwich. Him. The man standing directly in front of me on the 6 train, dirt under his fingernails, clothes faded and filthy. I wanted to give him my peanut butter sandwich, made with the last scrapings fromContinue reading “NYC Week Four: Seeing the homeless”

Alice Guy-Blache, forgotten filmmaker

Seat yourself in a movie theater. The lights dim. You hear the projector and reel whir to life. A vision floods your eyes. You’ve experienced it before: the close-ups emphasizing characters’ facial expressions; the musical themes introducing characters, melting together or clashing to enhance drama; the special effects applied to accomplish the right visual, whetherContinue reading “Alice Guy-Blache, forgotten filmmaker”