Editorial Content Management

What you need: Someone to take the lead on developing and executing a consistent editorial calendar for your organization.

What I do: I plan and produce editorial content for companies and nonprofits. The content serves a dual purpose of informing readers with valuable information and building brand value (for companies) or maintaining touchpoints with donors (for nonprofits).

This can mean …

  • Developing blog topics to assign out and publish through your organzation’s content management system on a regular basis.
  • Planning and producing your organization’s quarterly newsletter to help you maintain a regular touchpoint with your donors while adding value through the stories and articles shared.
  • Acting as managing editor of your organization’s magazine and overseeing the publishing process from conceptualizing ideas, working with writers, designers, and photographers, and reviewing final proofs.

Work Samples

Promotional University Magazine

Target audience: High school students

I managed the entire content development process for this promotional magazine from Taylor University for three years. This involved developing story ideas to cover various aspects of campus and academic life, making assignments to staff writers, working with the visual team on photo and design ideas, obtaining input from stakeholders, and editing and proofing the entire magazine.

Email Newsletter

I wrote the first and last pieces linked in this newsletter, as well as the blurbs that describe them.