Alice Guy-Blache, forgotten filmmaker

Seat yourself in a movie theater. The lights dim. You hear the projector and reel whir to life. A vision floods your eyes. You’ve experienced it before: the close-ups emphasizing characters’ facial expressions; the musical themes introducing characters, melting together or clashing to enhance drama; the special effects applied to accomplish the right visual, whetherContinue reading “Alice Guy-Blache, forgotten filmmaker”

When I made Art Spander a sandwich

One of the benefits of my summer job (working at Danny’s Main Street Market in Cooperstown, New York) are the random fascinating people who come buy sandwiches. There are conductors who work with the Glimmerglass Opera, construction workers and delivery men, Baseball Hall of Fame employees and interns, and today, Art Spander, an award-winning sports writerContinue reading “When I made Art Spander a sandwich”

Artists love me and I love trail runs, or Why Sunday is already my favorite day of this week

Yesterday was summer done right. Pushing 80 degrees — hot (for upstate New York). Humid — all the joints were greased with sweat. Sunny — only fluffy white clouds in sight. Sundays aren’t often my favorite day of the week, but yesterday was an exception from beginning to end. Here’s why. The sermon was onContinue reading “Artists love me and I love trail runs, or Why Sunday is already my favorite day of this week”

7 things I learned from a CrossFit trainer

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to interview Dan Murdock of Cooperstown CrossFit for my intern project with the Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce. I’ve been learning about CrossFit since last fall, but yesterday was my first time stepping into an actual CrossFit box (that’s what they call their gym). What I took from the interview spanned the range of life lessonsContinue reading “7 things I learned from a CrossFit trainer”