Inside the Shadow City with Kirsten Miller, an interview

In 2008, I interviewed Kirsten Miller, author of the Kiki Strike series (among other books), for my then-magazine Messenger Girl. All questions and answers were made via email. I was 16. At the end is my original review of Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City. Me: Where did you get the idea for the Shadow City? Kirsten: Believe it orContinue reading “Inside the Shadow City with Kirsten Miller, an interview”

Framed: Questions with Elissa Gore

This is another piece I wrote for my internship with the Smithy Center for the Arts. Framed: Questions with Elissa Gore “Before you start peppering me with questions, can I pepper you with a couple? I like to know who I’m talking to.” Those were the first words of Elissa Gore, 62, in her interview last week. The practically-mindedContinue reading “Framed: Questions with Elissa Gore”

In the Home of Susan Jones Kenyon

This is another piece I wrote for my current internship with the Smithy Center for the Arts. Walking into Susan Jones Kenyon’s house is the closest you can get to entering the artist’s mind. As soon as you set foot through the side door, you’re surrounded by Susan’s art: paintings of Otsego Lake and Kingfisher Tower, portraitsContinue reading “In the Home of Susan Jones Kenyon”

Artist’s Landscape: a conversation with Jane Carr

The following is a piece I wrote for the Smithy Center for the Arts as part of my internship with them this summer. Jane Carr, 74, has considered herself an artist since she was eight years old, when her parents started sending her to the Baltimore Museum of Art for classes. “Every Saturday of my lifeContinue reading “Artist’s Landscape: a conversation with Jane Carr”