a poem for a world of wrongs

the world needs more pretty words less ugly deaths more dandelion wreaths and butterfly kisses less flying vitriol and bullets more hearts beating in unison as we look across seas of faces and realize our differences are nothing in comparison to our sameness.

When the perfect job becomes a total nightmare

Some things shouldn’t change. My first job was one that did. Last week, I posted this piece on Medium. I wrote it last semester for Advanced Creative Writing and have been holding onto it, waiting to be sure I wasn’t returning to my old job and wanting to be careful about where I shared itContinue reading “When the perfect job becomes a total nightmare”

NYC Week Four: Seeing the homeless

Read last week’s post here or view all other New York City posts. I wanted to give him my peanut butter sandwich. Him. The man standing directly in front of me on the 6 train, dirt under his fingernails, clothes faded and filthy. I wanted to give him my peanut butter sandwich, made with the last scrapings fromContinue reading “NYC Week Four: Seeing the homeless”

Look who’s talking

The City Hall librarian, wearing fly-eyed, red-rimmed glasses, constantly talks to herself in a thick, nasal New York accent — whether or not people are around to listen. She only stops when the phone rings and she has to answer. On the way out of the room, she told another librarian she’d be right back.Continue reading “Look who’s talking”

Encountering my ghost

I saw a ghost today. I greeted him with a hello, asked him “how’s life?” and made him a sandwich. He did the same for me, minus the sandwich. I was nervous as he watched me cover the bread with chicken, cheese, and peppers. My hands shook, but I did my best to hide itContinue reading “Encountering my ghost”

Brief sparks of fireworks.

All we do is make fireworks. Here, like us, for a moment. Gone after a few flutters of lashes. Our hearts may be in it all effort thrown forth. But our hearts, our efforts are weak, short-lasting. The burst of light, thunder-like boom, a moment of wonder, beauty that fizzles out, darkens, drops. Such great work, resultingContinue reading “Brief sparks of fireworks.”