Higher Education Writing

Universities have a world of opportunities and accomplishments to share — plus, dual goals of drawing more students and securing alumni support. Research universities need to share scientific discoveries, arts institutions want to highlight their students’ success, and liberal arts colleges must convince prospective students that a broad educational foundation is a wise financial decision.

Student and alumni stories, profiles of faculty members, articles about unique academic programs, service-oriented content — all have a role to play in university marketing strategies.

I started my career as the sole copywriter for Taylor University, a Christian liberal arts college and my alma mater, so rest assured — I know the higher education space well. I can navigate the variety of subjects (sciences to arts to business, and everything in between), as well as the institutional politics. Every piece I write has a particular audience in mind, whether a traditional, straight-out-of-high-school prospective student, a nontraditional adult student, or a disengaged alumnus.

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Higher Education Content Samples

Blogs About Academic Programs

Exercise Science vs Athletic Training: Which Path Is Right for You?

Benefits of Pursuing a Graduate Certificate

Family vs Geriatric: What You Should Know About These MSN Concentrations

Storytelling Highlighting Student Experiences, Research

Throwdown with Hayes & Renfrow (exercise science)

Sky’s No Limit (engineering and physics)

The Genetics of Research (biology)

Conscience, Fallacies and Ethics Bowl (ethics, philosophy, student experiences)

Seeking Refuge (international service learning, student experiences)

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