I Just Launched My First Substack: Women’s Barbell Club

There’s a gap in fitness media. Women’s publications continue to publish articles on how to “blast belly fat” and “get a bigger butt,” while female strength athletes break personal records post-pregnancy and trample outdated ideas about women’s fragility by deadlifting, squatting, and snatching hundreds of pounds. If you look for articles about these athletes, you’reContinue reading “I Just Launched My First Substack: Women’s Barbell Club”

2022 Freelance Year in Review

This is my second annual “Freelance Year in Review” post. I write these posts to offer my clients a peak behind the curtain — and insight on the direction I’m aiming for in the new year. Need writing or editorial support? Check out my services and reach out. I’m currently lining up projects for earlyContinue reading “2022 Freelance Year in Review”

12 Things I’m Taking from 2021

For the second year in a row, I’m looking back on a calendar year with a lens of gratitude. 2021 had its fair share of challenges, but there are many things I’m thankful for. Here’s what I’m holding onto for the new year. 1. My second handmade sweater About this time 12 months ago, IContinue reading “12 Things I’m Taking from 2021”

What I Read in 2021

In the past, I’ve used the turn of the year as an opportunity to share my favorite books read in the past year, but I only read 18 books in 2021 — just 17 short of your 35-book GoodReads Challenge goal! the GoodReads robot taunts me. There are still 1 days left! You can doContinue reading “What I Read in 2021”

12 Things I’m Taking from 2020

Normally, at the end of the year, I take the time to reflect and set new goals/intentions for the new year. I did that, but what I wrote was pretty depressing and I think we could all use more light in our lives — so instead of that post, I offer you this: a listContinue reading “12 Things I’m Taking from 2020”

A lesson from history and the story of Ida B. Wells

In school, we typically learn about the Civil War and emancipation, but Reconstruction—and the period following Reconstruction, when Jim Crow laws passed throughout the South—are typically overlooked. We don’t think about black Americans again until the Civil Rights Era, nearly a century after the Civil War. The true story of Ida B. Wells takes placeContinue reading “A lesson from history and the story of Ida B. Wells”