Corporate & Nonprofit Storytelling

What you need: Someone to tell your organization’s stories — internally or externally — in a way that sparks excitement and satisfaction in the work you do every day.

What I do: Harnessing my journalistic skills, I write well-researched case studies, company bios, white papers, reports, and articles that bring initiatives, research, organization values, and success stories to life for corporate/nonprofit stakeholders and their target audiences.

This can mean …

  • Writing a company bio for your website’s “About” page that highlights your company’s values, ambition, and ongoing success.
  • Creatively telling stories for organization publications that show how groups or individuals have been positively impacted by the work of your nonprofit.
  • Deeply researching (and writing) white papers that bring your organization’s research to life for policy makers.

Work Samples

Case Study

I wrote this case study, which highlights the Pear Deck add-on to Google Slides and how it helped a school district attain a more interactive learning experience.

Report to Donors

I wrote this report which outlines the findings of a five-year program that aimed to address chronic homelessness by providing housing and wraparound services (physical and mental health care, job training, etc.) for people experiencing homelessness. The Denver Foundation sent this report to its donors.

Stories for Organization Publications

I contribute stories to a variety of university and nonprofit organization publications, including the Regis University Magazine and The Denver Foundation’s blog and donor newsletter. Here are a few samples of that work: